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Meta’s New AI Assistant

 Monday, May 6, 2024     erin     Search Engine Optimization Social Media

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Meta’s New AI Assistant: Integrating Google and Bing Searches 

Recently Meta has launched a new feature, an AI assistant that works seamlessly across all its applications to deliver better search results. But what does this mean for users and SEO specialists? In this blog we'll explore what Meta's AI Assistant means for the future of SEO, PPC, social media marketing and it's ability to search across platforms. 

This new feature means that users are able search seamlessly within Meta’s apps and they only need to search in one platform. This query will follow them across their applications, but this now means that SEO specialists will need to optimize on both Bing and Google, if they aren’t already. Users can access this feature on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Meta’s newest addition 

Google, Bing and Meta: What Does This Look Like 

Meta AI allows you to get more results that aren’t just from training results. According to the article by Search Engine Journal, “Instead of relying solely on training data or a single search engine, Meta’s AI assistant intelligently selects and displays results from either Google or Bing, depending on the query.” 

This feature also allows you to access information without having to switch between apps. Meta has made it possible to ensure that this feature is a “consistent presence across its family of apps.” Here’s a breakdown of Meta AI: 

  • Can be found in the search boxes in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Appears in Facebook’s main feed
  • Introduction of the new website 
  • Real-time image creation using AI 
  • AI access in the new Facebook VR technology

SEO: What Does This Mean for Optimization?

Now that we have this new technology working for us across the most popular social media platforms, what will this mean for optimizing websites? SEO Strategists will most likely need to start adapting throughout each search engine (Google and Bing). This will be to ensure that information is searchable when users are accessing Meta’s AI. 

According to the article posted in Search Engine Journal, “As AI chatbots become increasingly popular for finding information, visibility in the integrated search results will become more valuable for publishers. SEO strategies may need to evolve to accommodate traditional search engines and AI assistants. This could involve a greater focus on satisfying conversational queries that mirror how users interact with chatbots.

Since the introduction of Meta’s AI assistance we can really see the traditional search and AI now in competition. It’s smart to stay relevant and ahead of the technology as best you can, this way you’re steering the ship. The article also stated that. “With the release of the powerful Llama 3 model and incorporating search results from leading search engines, Meta is positioning itself as a top contender in the AI chatbot market.” 

We are aware that this is the nature of technology and that it grows and evolves over time. Naturally that means that SEO’s and Social Media Specialists also need to adapt and grow with the ever changing technology. Something that at i2bGlobal we strongly believe in, making sure that our specialists are ahead of the curve. Which is another reason why our clients continue to work with us to not only build custom websites, but by taking it to the next level. 

Contact i2bGlobal’s SEO and Social Media Specialists 

i2bGlobal has been working with companies, both in Canada and abroad for over two decades creating custom websites and driving customer engagement. Through this work we have also developed a team of social media specialists, SEO specialists and digital marketing strategists. Our teams work with companies to expand their business through social media marketing and original content creation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media marketing, AI editing, website development, digital marketing, SEO specialists, blogging and more please contact us today. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are ready and eager to help your business and brand grow in this ever changing digital landscape. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-888-422-9322 or by email at

Harnessing AI in Backlinking: What’s Possible and Why It Matters

 Sunday, September 10, 2023     Clarissa Balerite     Search Engine Optimization

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Harnessing AI in Backlinking: What’s Possible and Why It Matters

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, there's a burgeoning interest in the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance backlinking strategies. But how exactly does AI come into play, and why should businesses—and the agencies that assist them—pay attention? Let's delve deeper.

The AI Advantage in Backlink Analysis

1. Deep Data Insights: Traditional backlink analysis is time-consuming and might miss nuanced patterns. AI, with its superior data processing capabilities, can analyze vast link profiles quickly, providing insights on link quality, relevance, and potential risks.

2. Predictive Analysis: AI can predict which backlinks might become valuable in the future, based on factors like emerging trends, domain authority growth, and content relevancy shifts.

Streamlining Outreach with AI

1. Personalized Outreach: AI can analyze vast amounts of data to understand which webmasters are more likely to respond positively, and tailor outreach messages for better engagement.

2. Optimized Content Suggestions: By evaluating what content types and topics are gaining traction, AI can suggest content strategies more likely to earn organic backlinks.

Protecting Your Site: AI & Risk Management

1. Toxic Link Detection: AI can continuously monitor a website's backlink profile, quickly identifying and alerting businesses about potentially harmful links.

2. Competitor Backlink Analysis: AI tools can give a granular breakdown of competitors' backlink strategies, highlighting opportunities and potential threats.

The Role of SEO Agencies in an AI-Driven Era

Harnessing the power of AI in backlinking isn't just about having the right tools—it's about understanding how to use them effectively. Specialized SEO agencies are not only equipped with cutting-edge AI tools but also possess the expertise to interpret and act on the insights they provide. For businesses, this means a more efficient, informed, and adaptive backlinking strategy.

In Conclusion

AI's integration into backlinking offers unprecedented opportunities for precision, foresight, and efficiency. As the landscape becomes increasingly complex, businesses and agencies alike must recognize and embrace the potential of AI-driven backlink strategies to stay ahead in the SEO game.

Seeking Expertise in Backlink Strategy?

As the landscape of backlinking integrates more with AI, our team is ready to guide you through these changes. Harness the power of modern techniques and make the most of your link-building efforts. From AI-informed link analysis to effective outreach, we're here to support your website's growth. Get in touch today and let's enhance your backlink strategy together!

The Latest Trends in SEO for 2023: A Guide for Specialists

 Wednesday, August 9, 2023     Clarissa Balerite     Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field, constantly evolving with changes in technology, user behavior, and search engine algorithms. As we dive deeper into 2023, it's essential for SEO specialists to remain updated with the latest trends. Here are some of the emerging and continuing trends that are shaping the world of SEO.

  1. Core Web Vitals & Page Experience Update

    • Google's focus on page experience continues to intensify. The Core Web Vitals – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – remain crucial indicators of user experience.
    • Optimizing for these metrics not only helps in rankings but also provides a superior user experience, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
  2. Increased Importance of E-A-T

    • Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) have become central to Google's assessment of content quality. This means that content should be backed by expert opinions, verifiable facts, and credible sources.
  3. Voice Search & Semantic SEO

    • As smart speakers and voice-activated systems like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant become more prevalent, optimizing for voice search is critical.
    • Instead of traditional keyword-based search, voice search often involves full-sentence questions. SEOs should consider this when crafting content, ensuring that it answers common queries concisely.
  4. Mobile-First Indexing as a Standard

    • Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is no longer optional. Google predominantly uses the mobile version of content for indexing and ranking.
  5. AI & SEO Integration

    • Tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming invaluable for SEO. From content optimization to predictive analysis, AI can provide deeper insights and automate many mundane tasks.
  6. Video SEO

    • Video content continues its upward trajectory. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have made video content crucial. SEOs should consider transcriptions, optimized video titles, descriptions, and tags to enhance visibility.
  7. Data Privacy and its Implication on Analytics

    • With more browsers blocking third-party cookies and users becoming conscious of their online privacy, traditional tracking methods are becoming less effective. SEOs may need to find alternative methods or tools to gather comprehensive user data.
  8. Local SEO and Google My Business

    • As more businesses establish an online presence, there's fierce competition in the local SEO space. Ensuring your business has up-to-date information, collecting reviews, and posting regularly on Google My Business can enhance local visibility.
  9. Long-Form Content and Topic Clusters

    • Comprehensive, long-form content that covers a topic in-depth can position a website as an authority on a subject. This approach, combined with topic clusters and pillar pages, can provide a better structure for search engines and users.
  10. Adaptive SEO

    • Given the frequent algorithm updates, SEOs should be agile and adaptive. Continuous learning, testing, and iterating are the keys to staying ahead.


The SEO landscape in 2023 is characterized by a blend of technological advancements and a renewed focus on user experience. By staying updated with these trends and continuously adapting, SEO specialists can ensure that their strategies remain effective and their websites stay visible in this ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

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Chrome will show all HTTP sites as "not secure" starting in July 2018

 Wednesday, June 13, 2018     Bob Gill     Search Engine Optimization Secure Websites

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A few years ago Google began advising webmasters that they were going to start favouring websites that were secured with an SSL Certificate in their search results. They hinted that they were going to give more consideration to sites that were secure versus those that were not in their search results. (Similar to their position on mobile friendliness and speed of websites). About a year ago Google started warning webmasters and site owners that the Google Chrome Browser was going start showing warnings to visitors of sites and web pages that were not secure and contained login forms, or forms collecting personal information.

Recently Google has cranked up the pressure on website owners to make their websites secure.

Starting in July of 2018, Google Chrome will mark all non-secure (HTTP) sites as “not secure,” according to a blog post published today by Chrome security product manager Emily Schechter. Chrome currently displays a neutral information icon, but starting with version 68, the browser will warn users with an extra notification in the address bar. Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign.

Google has been nudging users away from unencrypted sites for years, but this is the most forceful nudge yet. Google search began down-ranking unencrypted sites in 2015, and the following year, the Chrome team instituted a similar warning for unencrypted password fields.

And it’s not just the Google’s Chrome browser that is presenting these warnings currently. Microsoft’s IE Edge and Firefox are also displaying the neutral info icon in the address bar to warn visitors about the non-secure website.

Google is trying to persuade all site owners to operate their websites over the secure protocol. The Chrome team said today’s announcement was mostly brought on by increased HTTPS adoption. Eighty-one of the top 100 sites on the web are secure (HTTPS), and a strong majority of Chrome traffic is already encrypted. “Based on the awesome rate that sites have been migrating to HTTPS and the strong trajectory through this year,” Schechter said, “we think that in July the balance will be tipped enough so that we can mark all HTTP sites.”

The added bonus is that securing your website is also good for Search Engine Optimization. Contact us for more information or if you would like our assistance to help secure your website.
Give us a call or complete our contact form Note: There is a fee to purchase an SSL Certificate and install it on your website.

For more websmaster tips be sure to check out our SEO Trends in 2018 Blog Article

SEO Trends in 2018

 Monday, May 21, 2018     Bojan     Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) in 2018 is as exciting as ever, and with over 200 ranking factors in Google's algorithm it is more complex than ever. Let's take a look at what you should be doing, and what still matters!

Keep in mind that white hat SEO rules are simple... make the website for humans focusing on optimal user experience. Do not try black hat SEO techniques that attempt to game Google or you may face a real risk of getting manual site penalty, deranked or completely pulled off the SERPs.

So what should we do for SEO in 2018. That is what matters:

  1. SERPs - make sure you have compelling title tags and meta descriptions! In December of 2017 Google announced that the meta description can now be longer then 160, we recommend 300 characters. Make sure that you title and description use the most relevant keywords your page content is about and that it is aligned with what you are hoping to rank for. Make it human readable of course, this means no keyword stuffing or using irrelevant keywords.
  2. Backlinks - of course links back to your website still matter! But don't buy them. Instead try to earn them. If you have some good content that might be of relevance and use to visitors of another website, then email that website and ask if they would be interested in linking to you. Another strategy is submitting content on other websites with a link or two back to your website - guest blogging. And lastly, submitting your website listings on high ranking directories. And don't forget to create Google My Business and Bing Business listings.
  3. Site speed matters a lot! Run your website's pages in this tool and try to achieve as high of a mark as possible. You may not be able to absolutely do everything, and that's ok, but just try to do as much as you can.. Google does take page speed into account.
  4. Structured data to enhance content. Visit this link, learn about different ways you can add some structured data on your website, you may not be able to use all but for sure you can use LocalBusiness, Breadcrumbs, Reviews, etc.. You can use this tool to test your structured data markup to ensure it's valid We would recommend LD+JSON format because it's independent of your website structure and theme. Keep in mind that voice search is a real thing now! and usage of structure data plays an integral role in optimizing your content for voice search.
  5. Keywords still matter! Not just doing keyword research (using Google AdWords keyword planner tool to figure out your main and secondary keywords. But once you identify them, you need to make sure you work them into your website content and making it flow well and be human readable. Google is really good at understanding text now, so don't think you can just throw a few keywords and call it a day. It has to be appropriate, relevant, and flow grammatically. Remember, we are doing this for the user!
  6. Mobile continues to matter! Google is even giving extra points now if your website is mobile friendly, and especially if it's done in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This may not apply to all websites, or even make sense to do it but check it out, and if it's feasible, you should do it because it'll only benefit your website visitors and your ranking in Google.
  7. Google Search Console - paying attention to index coverage issues, manual actions, security issues is crucial. This is Google's way of letting your website know if it seem problems. You should always try to address any issue here, as it directly impacts your ranking in Google.
  8. Content is king, as always! After all that is what brings visitors to your website. Having well researched, well written and structure content is key. And just because someone already wrote something doesn't mean you can't make it even better. This gives you a chance to showcase your expertise, add keywords, link, promote on social media, etc. It's what drives everything else.
  9. Social media not just for social pulse but for promoting your content! Google may not take into account if your website has social presence but it doesn't mean you should have it. Build and engaging your audience on there, then bring them back to your website. For some website it matters even more as they not just capture and convert sales that way but earn reviews, respond to negative ones, and do their marketing.
  10. On page SEO - periodically run your website through a broken link checker tool ( and fix those. Also make sure to examine your website content and structure and try to interlinking related content. Always make sure you have proper headings structure... one H1, then H2 then H3, etc. Providing image alt tags, minding the file size and dimensions of images, making the site easy to navigate, paying attention to user experience overall! Legibility of the text, making sure you aren't killing your users eyes with small text or bad contrast, too many pop-ups, etc. A nice clean website will rank better.
  11. Reviews - try to encourage your visitors and customers to leave reviews online, whatever applies to your business or industry. It helps you stand out, validates your business to potential clients. Google does look at the reviews too!
  12. Secure website with HTTPS - this has become more important then ever! And it's an easy way to earn some points with Google. Tip: Be sure to add both HTTP and HTTPS variants as Google Webmaster properties and link your Google Analytcs with your Google Webmaster main property.
    Update: Starting in July of 2018, Google Chrome will mark all non-secure (HTTP) sites as “not secure,” according to a blog post published today by Chrome security product manager Emily Schechter. Chrome currently displays a neutral information icon, but starting with version 68, the browser will warn users with an extra notification in the address bar. Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign.

Of course this isn't an exhaustive list, but if you can tackle the above you will generally rank pretty well in Google. Happy SEOing

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We have been using I2B Global for over 5 years and for multiple business ventures, and we could not be more pleased with the service we have received. Bob and his team have been incredibly accommodating, supportive, and always share their wealth of experience. I could not recommend I2B Global more, Thanks for all your work.

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To Bob, Bojan, and the I2B Global Team: Thank you so much for the outstanding work you have done for us so far. Your way of responding to our needs is truly a breath of fresh air in this fast paced era we live in. We continue to add more services your firm has to offer given how effective your site design and SEO has been. We look forward to continued growth along with you for years to come. Keep up the excellent work.

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As a neophyte in the software business I cannot express enough how happy I am to deal with Bob Gill at i2b Global Inc. The company is with me every step of the way. Kind, professional and very responsive are the best words to describe them. I look forward to grow with them in the future with my FinalDocx by Executor Choice distribution business.

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Al Mickeloff
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We have been a client of I2b Global Inc. since 2007. While they are a smaller company, they have the knowledge, experience and responsiveness of a much larger firm and they are up-to-date with the latest online improvements and trends. Similar to other web development companies, they can build you a nice website but where they excel is at the customizations needed for your business and most importantly delivering these changes at a reasonable price with expert guidance and advice. Any support issues or change requests are dealt with very quickly and it is not uncommon to see this happen even in the evenings and weekends. If you need a professional website and a reliable company to support and host it we highly recommend I2b Global Inc. Al Mickeloff, Marketing Manager – Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

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