Project Overview

I2B Global Inc. has been working directly with Leniac Systems on the development of a web interface to their Union Membership Management software for the Job Dispatch System and Training System components. In the fall of 2014 our first installation of the Job Dispatch web interface went live at UA Local 67 in Hamilton. In the spring of 2017 our first installation of the Training System web interface went live at the UBC LOCAL 18 in Hamilton.

This spring/summer the both locals will be further expanding their on-line Member’s Portal Leniac web components. The UA Local 67 website will be upgraded to include the on-line Training Components and UBC Local 18 website will be upgraded to include the on-line Job Dispatch Components along with various enhancements to each.

Over the last few years these two systems have been well received and have proven to be very effective tools for the membership. Since their initial release there have been many feature improvements and enhancements.

I2B Global Inc. is the only vendor that has an on-line web component that interacts directly with the Leniac Union Management System in real-time. Ours is the only system of its kind. We are also the only vendor endorsed by Leniac Systems to work directly with their proprietary Union Management System database.

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