Project Overview

Applied Research Associates Inc. Eres division of Mississauga, ON. Eres consultants are pavement engineering specialists for roads and airports. Eres has contracted with i2b Global for the development and support of their new Asset Management Software / Pavement Management Software (PMS) product platform. In general, the PMS system provides for the analysis of pavement surface, roughness and structural condition in order to establish pavement rehabilitation budgets.

Advance the Urban Surface Evolution

Allston Way in Berkeley - PICP street

Accelerates the pervious-to-permeable evolution that creates cleaner, cooler, quieter, safer and healthier urban places.

How? With Permeable Design Pro software. Permeable Design Pro integrates hydrologic and structural design solutions for permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP). It provides cost-effective subbase thickness solutions for water storage, infiltration and underdrain outflows plus traffic loads.

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  • Input catalog-selected or user-selected rain events
  • Stormwater management solutions modeled as input/output water balance
  • Structural design solutions modeled with validated AASHTO pavement design method
  • Design solutions in CAD output for immediate use

Permeable Design Pro is a product of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, an internationally recognized authority on segmental concrete pavement systems.

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