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The Differences Between Paid and Organic Social Media 

Social media can be a fantastic tool when it comes to promoting your business and help to showcase it to the world. Of course there are two different types of social media, paid and organic – both have their benefits and can greatly help your business grow. 

Having an online presence is one of the most important things you can do for your business. This is due to the fact that one of the first things a potential customer will do is search for your business on social media. So what are the differences between paid and organic social media marketing? At i2bGlobal we’re able to help work with businesses to understand the benefits of social media marketing. Learn about the benefits and differences of both paid and organic social media marketing and how they are vital to the success of every business. We’ll do our best to explain these differences and how we can help you grow your reach. 

Organic Vs. Paid Social Media 

The obvious difference is that one is paid, meaning you have established a budget and are running online advertising and social media advertising campaigns. The other one is unpaid and is relying on traffic and leads through unpaid social media posts. Some of these posts can be organic content such as sharing blog posts, services, etc. 

There are four types of organic social media strategy according to Search Engine Journal, content creation, reach, engagement and long-term relationship building. When thinking about budgeting this might be a great place to start for some companies. According to Search Engine Journal we would want to focus on the following for paid social media; content promotion, reach, cost, engagement and conversions and short-term results and Scalability. 

We can clearly see that both paid and organic social media strategies have their similarities and distinct differences. These are two different approaches and they can have vastly different results. Organic social media tends to be a mix between text posts, blog posts, images, videos and more. It’s also the job of the social media manager to respond to comments and direct messages – furthering the engagement goals and helping to give your brand a voice. It’s also an important step for all businesses to show that they have good customer service. Today many potential customers and returning customers will go to social media before they do anything else. 

Paid social media uses more of a budget in order to run ads across social media platforms. Your brand is now showing up on potential customers Facebook newsfeed, Instagram newsfeed and now Threads (this is still a new platform, we’ll save that for another blog). By using paid social media you’re allowing your brand to target new customers and this is always a great benefit to any business. 

Getting to Know Paid Social Media 

There are truly some great benefits to using paid social media, as we stated in the previous section. But what if we went a little further and learned about these benefits and aspects of what it means to use paid social media? I think you’ll find that the benefits outweigh the risks. 

According to Search Engine Journal, “unlike organic social media, which only reaches existing followers, paid social media allows content to be targeted to specific audiences.” So we want to make sure that we’re targeting your audience that you desire to reach the very most. That might come in the form of an ad or a boosted Facebook or Instagram post. 

There can also be content created on your website that targets a specific audience. This can be achieved by using blog posts or certain website pages designed specifically for that service or audience. At i2bGlobal we also use search engine optimization to help target potential customers to your website through Google searches. Paid social media is used for short-term goals that can help create lead generation or the purchase of a product or service.

These paid social media campaigns can be done by using video ads, image ads, carousel ads and text only ads. Facebook and Instagram allow us to target the age and area in which you wish to advertise your company. The next step is really when you’re ready to have a conversation with your social media team and work out a strategy. This will involve setting goals and budgets and figuring out the message you want to get across in this particular campaign. 

i2bGlobal and Social Media Management & Marketing 

i2bGlobal has been working with companies for over two decades creating stunning websites and driving customer engagement. Through this work we have also developed a team of social media specialists and digital marketing strategists. Working with companies to expand their business through social media management, marketing and original content creation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our social media marketing, AI editing, website development, digital marketing, blogging and more please reach out. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are ready and eager to help your business and brand grow in this ever changing digital landscape. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-888-422-9322 or by email at sales@i2bglobal.com

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We have been using I2B Global for over 5 years and for multiple business ventures, and we could not be more pleased with the service we have received. Bob and his team have been incredibly accommodating, supportive, and always share their wealth of experience. I could not recommend I2B Global more, Thanks for all your work.

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To Bob, Bojan, and the I2B Global Team: Thank you so much for the outstanding work you have done for us so far. Your way of responding to our needs is truly a breath of fresh air in this fast paced era we live in. We continue to add more services your firm has to offer given how effective your site design and SEO has been. We look forward to continued growth along with you for years to come. Keep up the excellent work.

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As a neophyte in the software business I cannot express enough how happy I am to deal with Bob Gill at i2b Global Inc. The company is with me every step of the way. Kind, professional and very responsive are the best words to describe them. I look forward to grow with them in the future with my FinalDocx by Executor Choice distribution business.

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