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In the digital era, the convenience of mobile wallets cannot be overstated. Google Wallet, particularly, has revolutionized how consumers interact with various services, offering a seamless, secure, and efficient way to manage digital passes, tickets, loyalty cards, and more. This blog post delves into the integration of 'Add to Google Wallet' functionality into a Vue 3 application, utilizing the robust backend capabilities of Web API 2.

Understanding Google Wallet's Generic Passes

Google Wallet Generic Passes are digital versions of physical cards or tickets that can be stored and used directly from a user's mobile device. These passes can include loyalty cards, gift cards, offers, event tickets, boarding passes for flights, and more. Integrating Google Wallet into your web application not only enhances user experience but also caters to the growing preference for digital solutions.

The benefits are clear:

  • Convenience for Users: Easy access to passes without physical counterparts.
  • Brand Engagement: Maintains constant brand presence on a user's device.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces the need for paper-based tickets and cards.

Setting Up the Web API 2 Backend

Creating the Web API 2 Project:

  1. Initial Setup:

    • Start by creating a new Web API 2 project in Visual Studio. Select 'File' > 'New' > 'Project', and choose 'ASP.NET Web Application'.
    • In the project wizard, select the 'Web API' template to set up the basic structure for your API.
  2. NuGet Packages:

    • Ensure that you have the latest packages for Entity Framework and any other dependencies you might need. You can manage these packages via the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio.

Building the Endpoint:

  1. API Endpoint Creation:

    • Create a new controller, perhaps named GoogleWalletController, where you will define the endpoints needed to generate the Google Wallet passes.
    • Define a route in your controller that clients will call to request the creation of a pass, such as api/googlewallet/createpass.
  2. Implementing Business Logic:

    • In the controller, implement the logic to generate a Google Wallet pass. This might involve creating a digital object representing a pass, populating it with data (like user information, pass details, etc.), and preparing it for Google Wallet compatibility.

Generating the Pass:

  • You will need to adhere to Google Wallet's specifications for creating a pass. This includes setting up the correct data structure, ensuring all required fields are populated, and potentially signing the pass data if required.
  • Example code snippet:
    public IHttpActionResult CreatePass(PassDataModel passData)
        var pass = new GoogleWalletPass
            // Populate with necessary data
        // Logic to handle pass creation
        return Ok(pass);
  • This endpoint takes the necessary data, creates a pass, and returns it in a format ready to be added to Google Wallet.

Integrating with Vue 3

Setting Up the Vue 3 Project:

  1. Initial Setup:

    • Begin by setting up a Vue 3 project. If you are starting from scratch, you can use Vue CLI for this. Run vue create my-vue-app in your terminal and follow the setup instructions.
    • Install Axios for API requests: npm install axios.
  2. Fetching Data from the API:

    • In your Vue application, create a service that uses Axios to make HTTP requests to your Web API 2 backend.
    • Example service method to request a Google Wallet pass:
      import axios from 'axios';
      const apiClient = axios.create({
        baseURL: 'http://your-api-url',
        withCredentials: false, // This is the default
      export default {
        createPass(passData) {
          return apiClient.post('/googlewallet/createpass', passData);
  3. Handling the Google Wallet Pass:

    • In your Vue component, call the service method to get the pass data when needed, for instance, after a user action like clicking a button.
    • Example Vue component method:
      methods: {
        async addPassToWallet() {
          try {
            const response = await passService.createPass(this.passData);
            // Handle the response, for example, display the pass or prompt download
          } catch (error) {
            console.error("Error creating pass:", error);
            // Handle errors, such as displaying a notification to the user

Adding the 'Add to Google Wallet' Button

  1. Implementing the Button in Vue:

    • In your Vue component, add a button that users can click to add the pass to their Google Wallet.
    • Example button in template:
        <button @click="addPassToWallet">Add to Google Wallet</button>
    • This button will trigger the addPassToWallet method, which interacts with your backend to create and return the pass.
  2. User Interaction Flow:

    • Once the pass is received from the backend, you may need to handle it according to the Google Wallet specifications. This could include displaying it in a certain format or providing a direct download link.

Testing and Debugging

  • Testing Your API: Use tools like Postman or Swagger to test your Web API 2 endpoints. Ensure that the pass generation works as expected and that any errors are correctly handled.
  • Testing the Vue Application: In your Vue app, test the complete flow from requesting the pass to adding it to Google Wallet. Look for any UI/UX issues or bugs that could affect the user experience.

Security Considerations

  • Securing API Communications: Ensure that the communication between your Vue app and the Web API 2 backend is secure. Use HTTPS to encrypt data in transit.
  • Handling Sensitive Data: Be mindful of any sensitive data that passes through your API. Implement proper security measures to protect this data.


Integrating 'Add to Google Wallet' into your Vue 3 application using a Web API 2 backend offers a streamlined, user-friendly way to manage digital passes. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also aligns your application with current digital wallet trends. Remember, the key to a successful implementation lies in thorough testing and a keen eye for security.

Enhance Your App with Digital Wallet Integration! Ready to integrate Google Wallet into your Vue 3 application or need expert guidance with your Web API 2 backend? Our team at i2b Global is adept at crafting sophisticated and user-friendly digital solutions. We can help bridge your app with modern digital wallet functionalities, ensuring a seamless user experience. Get in touch with us and let's bring the convenience of digital wallet integration to your application.

Additional Resources

To further enhance your knowledge and skills in integrating 'Add to Google Wallet' with Vue 3 and Web API 2, here are some valuable resources:

  1. Vue 3 Documentation - Comprehensive guide and reference for Vue 3.
  2. Axios Docs - Detailed documentation on using Axios for HTTP requests.
  3. Google Wallet API Reference - Official documentation and guides for Google Wallet API.
  4. Web API 2 Tutorial - In-depth tutorial on building Web APIs with ASP.NET Web API 2.
  5. Secure a Web API with Individual Accounts and Local Login in ASP.NET Web API 2.2 - A guide on securing your Web API.
  6. Entity Framework 6 Tutorial - Comprehensive tutorial on using Entity Framework 6.

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